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Discover how the land of the free found its anthem for the ages. 
Celebrate The Star-Spangled Banner's 200th

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Washington Times: My article about First Flag Day Surprises

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“Inspiring and important. History every American should know told in a way everyone will enjoy. Delightful and fascinating. A joy to read.” 

-- Jocelyn Green, an award-winning author of Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front and the Heroines Behind the Lines Civil War series






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“Long before ‘Barack and Michelle’ or ‘Bill and Hillary,’ there were ‘John and Louisa.’  Leave it to my friend Jane to set us straight on America ’s first real power couple. And leave it to this incredible historian, to show how John Quincy and Louisa Adams not only took themselves to new heights, but this country to new heights as well.  Just when I thought I knew everything about John, along comes Jane to whack me upside the head and complete the power picture…with Louisa. Great story. Great book. Great, period."

Neil Cavuto, Anchor and Sr. VP, Fox News Channel and Fox Business

“I just finished reading Stories of Faith and Courage from the Revolutionary War and could not put it down!" Bob, Bedford, VA
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365 fascinating--many never before heard--devotional stories from America's quest for independence. 
More info on Rev War
Inspiring stories from the nation's first ladies and the first lady from a Jewish proverb, Proverbs 31. More info on First Ladies 365 devotional stories from those who have lived loudly for liberty in Iraq and Afghanistan. More info on Iraq/Afghanistan
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Take a stroll through Baylor University in this delightful ABC book. But if B is for Baylor, then what is A for?  Today, President Obama’s image is everywhere you look, but how did Americans know what George Washington looked like? Did a single photograph of Abraham Lincoln really elect him president? Discover more about What Does the President Look Like?

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Jane's First book...discover the amazing story of Sam Houston's boldest act of political courage as told through the eyes of his daughter, Maggie. Discover more about Maggie Houston

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