When is your favorite president's or first lady's birthday? Do you or someone you know share a birthday with a president or first lady? Find out here on Happy Birthday!

As part of my Loving America social media campaign, I'm posting the birthdays of our nation's first ladies as they occur throughout the year on my social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

First Ladies Resources
National First Ladies' Library
C-SPAN First Ladies Influence & Image

First Ladies have made numerous contributions and sacrifices for our nation. 


Jane's favorite first ladies 

American Phoenix Book Cover Jane's Books about First Ladies
The Burning of the White House (Dolley Madison, coming Aug. 2016)
American Phoenix (Louisa Adams)
The Faith of America's First Ladies
Stories of Faith and Courage from the Revolutionary War
(Martha Washington and Abigail Adams are among the patriots featured.)
The Faith o America's First Ladies Book Cover

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