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How do you rate your patriotism? 
How do the generations compare? Pew Research gives us some insight.

What percentage of these generations say the phrase "a patriotic person" describes them very well? (Pew Research Center, March 2014) 

Here's the break down:

49% Millennials (ages 19-34)
64% GenXers (35 to 50)
75% Baby Boomers (between 51 and 69)
81% Seniors (over age 70-86)

Why the gap? Though the reasons are varied and subject to conjecture, a country thrives--and in some cases survives--on people's patriotic pride. 

As movies, songs, and TV frequently tell us, we can't make someone love us. For us Millennials and GenXers, that's what Woody in Toy Story discovered, as did Bruce in Bruce Almighty. Baby Boomers know that Lucy from Peanuts couldn't snag Schroeder's heart, either.

However, we can choose to admire the best qualities in someone or something whether or not we "love" them. Doing so is optimistic, respectful, and hopeful.

That's what Loving Liberty is all about--bringing together generations of inspirational quotes from American heroes, facts from "this day in history," stories and others.

Over the next few months, I'll roll out on my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, fun and inspiring information from our founders, veterans, presidents, first ladies, and ordinary Americans to give all of us, no matter what demographic we represent, reasons for loving America and loving liberty.

Presidents | First Ladies | Revolution 240 

The rise of political outsiders in the GOP primary.
From WWII to Watergate, Americans had confidence in former Senators Truman, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon to lead them as president (or vice president first). After Watergate, governors Carter, Reagan, Clinton and George W. Bush occupied the Oval Office. What's next?

Lincoln Assassination, 150 years Fox & Friends

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