At heart I'm a storyteller, whether sharing my personal 9-11 story or the stories of historical people to encourage, inspire, or motivate. I tailor my speeches and talks to your audience's needs and use stories that resonate with life today. I've spoken to numerous groups--business, professional, educational, faith-oriented, non-profit and military. Send an email or call about your event and we'll get started. 

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Speaking to history teachers through the Close Up Foundation v=mOEuvL3JwFA

What Others Are Saying about Jane
Jane has been called "the next generation Doris Kearns Goodwin" because "her grasp of history is breathtaking." She is a fresh voice and a fascinating storyteller. "Actually, 'stirring' was just one of the appropriate words I could have used about her address. It was also informative, challenging and refreshing."



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